Magic in Everyday Ingredients

Every natural ingredient, plants, herbs, flowers etc. has energy, and that energy has unique magical properties. Some are so common that you probably have them in your kitchen already, and the others are just as easy to find. I cant list all the magical ingredients on this earth, there are far too many. But here are just the common ones, along with their magical correspondences.


Soaks up negative and unwanted vibes like a sponge, so make sure to use some when you need cleansing, purifying, or protection.


Water represents emotions, healing, purification, intuition, reflection, cleansing and renewal.


A healing herb, historically used in medicinal mixtures and to promote visionary dreams. It is strengthening yet harmonious, promoting abundance, and preventing bad luck.


Wonderfully nurturing, grounding, calming, and comforting. Use oats to enhance health and healing, to calm your mind and in self-care rituals.


The wisdom herb, which enhances the mind, memory, health, and protection. It can help clear negative energy and provide peaceful sleep.


An age old sun and fire spice which name means sweet wood. Use cinnamon for health, safety, protection, passion, success, energy, love, and spiritual awareness.